Design Thinking Case Study : How to organize your kitchen in a better way !!

A well organize kitchen


As a part of this UX Mastery course, we have been assigned with our first assignment, Design Thinking Project. For better understanding at the initial stage, when have been split into groups of 10 each, and assigned with different rooms of the house as topic area. Each one has to work on assigned room while considering group-mates as the users. We had to connect with any 5 users for user interview to take their concerns/ challenges faced in that specific area.

The UX designing stages


User 1

User 2

User 3

User 4


  • The lack of proper ventilation, which according to them is very essential especially for the kitchen to have a good environment for cooking.
  • Cleaning the kitchen area seems to be a challenging task for most of them, as they like to cook and serve but not clean the mess created around it as they think it’s a tedious job or they are too lazy to do it.


  • The cleaning job can be shared by family members/ partners, to make the job simple and enjoyable. Listening to music while cleaning. Use of vacuum cleaners and dish washers can save the time and make the work easy.
  • An electric chimney for better exhaust facility.



Testing may lead to failure, but failure will definitely leads to understanding. Testing helps ensure that the users can do what they want with your design without frustration.

Prototype 2

Here i have addressed the concerns raised in testing stage and come up with alternate solutions.

My Learning experience

1. How to frame questions related to the topic area and make it conversational and interesting for users to answer the same.



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